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Sep 22, 2023 | Press Release

United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Bolsters National Board with Two Accomplished Business Leaders

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 21, 2023

The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) proudly announces the addition of accomplished business leaders to its Board of Directors ahead of its highly anticipated 2023 Annual National Conference, “The Future is Now: Elevating Hispanic Business for Tomorrow,” slated for September 24th -26th in Orlando, FL. These corporate trailblazers boast decades of experience in the private sector and Fortune 100 companies, reinforcing the Chamber’s nationwide support for Hispanic-owned businesses.

Latinos contribute a collective GDP of over $3.2 trillion dollars to the American economy and exhibit a business startup rate six times faster than other U.S. groups. The expertise of these industry leaders will help address the urgent need to access capital, capacity-building, and connections to meet the accelerated pace of Hispanic business growth across the country.
Nelson Reyneri Jr. and Jackie Puente each bring their unique strengths that support the overarching mission of the USHCC:

  • Nelson Reyneri Jr., USHCC Chairman, Director of Strategic Alliances and Policy for NRG: Leveraging Reyneri’s extensive senior leadership background in the public sector
    and private sector, the USHCC is poised to build on it progress in supporting the growth of our Hispanic business community, in partnership with the more than 250 Hispanic Chambers of Commerce as well as the more than 100 corporate sponsors of the USHCC.
  • Jackie Puente, USHCC Chairman-Elect, Vice President of External Affairs at Comcast Corporation: With a wealth of experience advising Fortune 100 companies, unmatched expertise creating strategic alliances, and a long-time record of advocacy on behalf of the Hispanic community, Puente brings a crucial skill set to complement the USHCC’s mission representing the interest of over 5 million Hispanic-owned businesses.

Reyneri and Puente will collaborate with the broader USHCC leadership to continue advocating for Hispanic businesses in the coming year. Their efforts will encompass equipping entrepreneurs with resources, mentorship, and scalable opportunities through aid programs, impactful public-private partnerships, and capacity-building initiatives across agencies.

Ramiro A. Cavazos, USHCC President & CEO, emphasizes, “Latinas stand as the fastest-growing cohort of entrepreneurs, representing nearly half of all Latino businesses–leading almost 2 million enterprises nationwide. Puente’s steadfast leadership and unwavering advocacy embody the Chamber’s support of Latina Business leaders. Her success as a corporate executive has opened doors for countless women. She represents the best of our community and the boardroom,” He adds, “Reyneri’s impressive background in the public sector, as well as his experience in scaling a Hispanic-owned company into one of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned businesses, positions him to uplift Hispanic Business Enterprises and cultivate vital community ties. His commitment to Latino entrepreneurs is exceptional. We extend a wholehearted welcome to these exceptional new board members, eagerly anticipating their impactful contributions to our Chamber.”


Nelson Reyneri Jr. serves as the Director of Strategic Alliances and Policy for NRG, focused on expanding NRG’s relationships with stakeholders in support of NRG’s purpose of providing a smarter, cleaner, empowered future for people, homes, businesses, and communities. Nelson brings over three decades of leadership in the private sector, including numerous leadership roles in the energy sector and senior management roles in the federal government and in the US Senate. He currently serves on numerous boards of directors including the Seattle Credit Union, the National Utilities Diversity Council and Groundswell. Nelson also serves as CNBC contributor. As USHCC Chairman, Nelson Reyneri is committed to advancing Hispanic Business Enterprises (HBEs) and promoting equality, social justice, and economic development within the community.

Jackie Puente is the Vice President for External Affairs at Comcast Corporation, where she leads national partnerships with stakeholders on policy issues of the day relating to media, technology, and telecommunications. Jackie has a background in advising Fortune 100 companies on technology, telecommunications, tax and utility issues, as well as ESG related matters. She is known for building inclusive coalitions across business, civil rights, labor, and immigrant rights groups to advance digital equity and economic growth. Jackie is also an advisor for several national advocacy and philanthropic campaigns including the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute, the American Association of People with Disabilities, and Virginia Community Capital/LOCUS Impact Investing. Jackie serves as Chairman-Elect.

View the full list of the USHCC Board of Directors


The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) actively promotes the economic growth, development, and interests of five million Hispanic-owned businesses that, combined, contribute over $800 billion to the American economy every year. The USHCC is America’s largest small business advocacy group, representing more than 260 local chambers and business associations nationwide, and partners with hundreds of major American corporations. For more information, please visit ushcc.com. Follow us on Twitter @USHCC.

About USHCC Educational Fund

Founded in 2017, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Educational Fund (USHCC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., affiliated with the USHCC. The mission of the USHCC is to educate, train, build capacity, conduct research, provide leadership development opportunities, expand access to capital, and create grant funding for Hispanic businesses through a national network of 260+ Hispanic chambers of commerce. Leveraging the USHCC’s board sponsor and support network, the USHCC has secured more than $10 million in philanthropic dollars in support of its mission since its founding.

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