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Avanzar Small Business Accelerator and Scaling Program

Avanzar (‘Advance’ in Spanish) is an eight-month business accelerator program designed for Hispanic small businesses that are ready to take their businesses to the next level. The USHCC launched this program in 2019 thanks to an investment from Wells Fargo & Company. Each Latina and Latino entrepreneur participate in courses that are aimed to help develop business plans, strategy, and the leadership skills needed to scale their small businesses. Course topics include building financial plans, streamlining operations, lowering expenses, marketing, leveraging social media, human resources, and obtaining access to capital for each business.

“The USHCC Avanzar Program is a must for any Small Business owner looking to improve their operations and scale new growth opportunities. The program is dedicated to making Small Businesses as robust as possible, so that they are ready for opportunities when they arise.”

Amy Williams

CAS, Owner, AB Unlimited

“Amid a pandemic, the USHCC and the LA Latino Chamber of Commerce gave entrepreneurs the opportunity of a lifetime: to focus on their businesses. The Avanzar program brought a group of business owners together to learn from the instructor and each other. From the beginning, the focus of the program was to ensure our businesses were contract ready. The initial assessment allowed me to understand where my business was lacking and the steps I needed to take to bring it up to speed. Mr. Buchanan’s expertise, the instructor,  allowed me to realize the importance of having important documents not only safely filed away but also easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Because of Avanzar, I have received $35,000 in grants. My business is also experiencing tremendous growth due to the tools I gained through the Avanzar program.”

Marina Grijalva

M.A., Owner, Mundo Academy Los Angeles

For questions and additional information, please contact us at info@ushcc.com